Post-tenure faculty commonly describe a variety of challenges that are unique to mid-career including:
• Managing time in the face of increased service and administrative responsibilities
• Working long hours but making little progress on their research agenda
• An absence of mentoring to help navigate the post-tenure landscape
• Feeling unsupported in their desire for work-family balance
• Missing the passion, drive and clarity they once held for their intellectual projects

Writing Your Next Chapter is a workshop crafted for associate professors. This workshop outlines the common issues mid-career faculty face and provides participants with strategies for identifying where they may be stuck and how to move forward. Specifically, participants will discuss common challenges mid-career faculty face, learn frameworks to identify what is holding them back, and develop personalized diagnostic plans to move forward.

Audience: Mid-Career Faculty
Date: 10/7/2016
Time:  1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: Charles F. Knight Executive Education and Conference Center, Classroom 210
Seating is limited.
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Rosemarie A. Roberts, PhD.Faculty Success CoachNational Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Rosemarie A. Roberts, PhD.
Faculty Success Coach
National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Rosemarie A. Roberts, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Dance at Connecticut College, where she teaches the theory, pedagogy, and practice of dance and performance as well as the life of mind and body. Her artistic and scholarly work blends history, dance, and critical social theory. She writes about dance and the body as sites of resistance, public scholarship, and critical pedagogies of embodiment. In addition to co-authoring a book and dvd project (Echoes of Brown: Youth Documenting and Performing the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education) recent titles include: How Do We Quote Black and Brown Bodies? Critical Reflections on Theorizing and Studying Embodiments, Facing and Transforming Hauntings of Race through the Arts and Research to Performance Methodology: Embodying Knowledge & Power from the Field to the Concert Stage. She serves on the board of the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD). A transplanted city girl, Rosemarie enjoys the beautiful land and waterscape of Southeast Connecticut where she lives with her awesome teenager.

Faculty Success Coaching Specializations:

  • Achieving work/life balance in academia
  • Moving gracefully through academic career transitions
  • Identifying and overcoming writing/research resistance and obstacles
  • Productive writing and other artistic practices
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative research

This workshop is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Institutional Diversity and is presented by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD).

Questions? Contact Gail Boker, Program Coordinator – Diversity Initiatives