WashULaw Community

Dear WashULaw Community,

In lieu of my bi-weekly update, I write now to embrace our Asian and Asian American communities. The fatal shooting of eight people—six of whom were Asian women—in Atlanta on Tuesday night underscores the disturbing increase in hate crimes and acts of violence against Asian and Asian Americans. Some of the rhetoric around these murders only deepens the pain and sadness we are all feeling.

Tragically, this is not a new chapter in American history. Asians and Asian Americans have long faced violence and racism in our country, especially in times of crisis. If you have witnessed or experienced bias or discrimination, I encourage you to report the incident to our Bias Report and Support System.

We are incredibly proud of our diverse community at WashULaw, which is an essential part of our mission. We also recognize the enormous toll that these continued acts of violence take on the emotional and mental well-being of our community members. Please know that we have resources to help.

  • Students are welcome and encouraged to schedule medical and mental health appointments through the Habif Health and Wellness Center, or utilize the Center’s After-Hours Wellness Support Line. This is available after 5:00 p.m. CT on weekdays, weekends, and holidays at 314-935-6666. 
  • Faculty and staff may utilize the mental health resources outlined on WashU’s Human Resources Page.

Please join me in working to end discrimination and xenophobia directed against Asians and Asian Americans. We need to work together. 

With hope,  

Nancy Staudt
Dean of the Law School
Howard and Caroline Cayne Distinguished Professor of Law