Adrienne Davis

Adrienne Davis

One of the great challenges of our time is how to foster respect, understanding and meaningful collaboration across human difference.

Andrew D. Martin

Chancellor Andrew D. Martin

As a community committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence, we must be a diverse community. We must also be a community where all people feel represented, valued and included as equal members.

Anne Glowinski

Anne Glowinski

It is not enough to expose people to ideas about diversity and inclusion. It is also crucial to help them open up to new possibilities, including the option of responding differently to harmful situations. This is where training comes in.

Adrienne Davis

Vice Provost Adrienne Davis

Our students will be global leaders and will blaze new trails worldwide. Our faculty is a global faculty, and our backgrounds inform the research and scholarship that takes place here. Excellence flows from full inclusion, and we are committed to making this university excellent in every way.

Mark Wrighton

Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton

Diversity strengthens our sense of community, and is vital to our knowledge creation, problem solving and productivity — all essential to our mission as a world-class university. Making the university more diverse and inclusive is not an option. It is an imperative.

Holden Thorp

Provost Holden Thorp

Universities create knowledge and ideas, and better ideas and decisions come from groups of people with different backgrounds and experiences.