McDonnell Academy Community

The spike in incidents of violence toward Asians and Asian Americans has been of great concern for all of us. We are reaching out to let you all know that the McDonnell Academy team is always here for anyone who needs to talk or finds themselves in need of help following these occurrences. 

Although various forms of aggression and disrespect have been occurring for some time, the recent news stories make this problem salient and serve to remind us that we are a united community that shares a common belief – each individual must be treated with dignity and respect no matter their origin, race, or identity.  One of the greatest strengths of the McDonnell Academy community is its magnificent diversity and selfless ability to support each other through difficult times. Our team, Ambassadors, and Scholars have always been open to having dialogues about sensitive issues as a larger group or one-on-one.  As such, we encourage everyone to connect and share.

We are in the process of planning another session where we can explore issues surrounding the current racial and ethnic climate in the US, and provide a “safe space for tough topics.” Please stay tuned for more information on how you can participate.

Kurt, Laura, Kristin, Angie, Latonya, Roumy