PLAN, the Professional Leadership Academy & Network, is a yearlong professional development program for staff at the Danforth Campus and the School of Medicine.

It is a professional development program intended to cultivate future leaders and impact tomorrow’s education through university-wide initiatives and projects.

PLAN participants present their final proposals to administrators, faculty and staff.

Applicants should be committed to diversity of thought, perspective and identity — including an understanding of how inclusion strengthens the university.

“PLAN has given me a network of peer mentors across the university. I have found their diverse experiences immediately applicable to my professional situations and rely on their willingness to serve as sounding boards on a regular basis.”

Heather Hageman, Director, Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, Washington University Medical Center

PLAN offers staff a curriculum strategically designed to strengthen institutional knowledge, develop an appreciation for the importance of inclusion, and cultivate core leadership skills, such as strategic thinking, innovation, creativity and project management.

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