The Office of the Provost has funded the Diversity and Inclusion Grant program since 2009 to support initiatives proposed by faculty and staff to improve the university environment for all underrepresented groups.

The advisory committee for the Diversity and Inclusion Grants annually calls for proposals that strengthen and promote diversity on campus. The committee is continuously impressed by the quality of proposals submitted and has been able to select grant recipients whose projects promise to enhance diversity on campus significantly.

2013-14 Diversity and Inclusion Grant Recipients

Theatre for Social Change Workshop for Staff and Faculty
Project Team Leader: Stan Braude & Annamaria Pileggi
Administrative Department/School: College of Arts & Sciences, Departments of Biology and   Performing Arts
Amount of Award: $13,942

Project DIVE: Diversity & Inclusion, Valuing Engagement
Project Team Leader: Robin Hattori
Administrative Department/School: Gephardt Institute for Public Services
Amount of Award: $6,600

Lactation Education, Outreach & Facilitation
Project Team Leader: Melissa Hopkins
Administrative Department/School: School of Medicine, Facility Department
Amount of Award: $20,000

WU Summer Associates Program
Project Team Leader: Jennie Marchal
Administrative Department/School: Career Center
Amount of Award: $6,500

Diversity Summer Research Program in Public Health
Project Team Leader: William Powderly
Administrative Department/School: Institute for Public Health & Brown School
Amount of Award: $30,000

First Year Reading Program Staff Discussions
Project Team Leader: Alicia Schnell
Administrative Department/School: Office of Vice Chancellor for Students
Amount of Award: $6,550

Fair and Impartial Policing
Project Team Leader: Don Strom
Administrative Department/School: Office of Technology Management
Amount of Award: $1,520

Internship to Promote and Encourage Diversity in the Museum Profession
Project Team Leader: Allison Taylor
Administrative Department/School: Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Amount of Award: $5,000

Two-Spirits – Interdisciplinary LGBT Workshop for Faculty,   Staff, and Students
Project Team Leader: Molly Tovar & David Patterson
Administrative Department/School: Brown School- Buder Center for American Indian Studies
Amount of Award: $6,650

Women in Architecture & Design Symposium
Project Team Leader: Heather Woofter
Administrative Department/School: Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Amount of Award: $15,000