The Washington University School of Medicine Meharry Summer Research Program (Meharry SRP) is a program designed to diversify the pipeline of excellent academic physicians at the School of Medicine and throughout the nation.

Tari-Ann Yates and Dr. Jay F. Piccirillo

2015 Meharry SRP student Tari-Ann Yates and WUSM PI Dr. Jay F. Piccirillo, MD, FACS, Professor, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology

Created in 2010 the Meharry SRP invites 10 outstanding Meharry medical students to conduct cutting-edge research and develop long-term connections with faculty at the Washington University School of Medicine. Several Meharry SRP alumni returned to participate in the 4th Year Away Rotation and Visiting Elective Program at the School of Medicine. The Meharry SRP was initially supported by an Office of the Provost Diversity and Inclusion Grant and is currently supported by an Eli Lilly grant, an NIH training grant, the School of Medicine and the Office of the Provost.

The Washington University School of Medicine Summer Research Program attracts highly talented students who are drawn to our school by our reputation for world-class research. Many aspire to careers in academic medicine. We believe that their participation in summer research directly enriches the departments and the school while they are here and promotes the reputation of the school as they emerge as future academic leaders.

Koong-Nah Chung, PhD
Associate Dean for Medical Student Research
Director of the Office of Medical Student Research
Admissions Subcommittee Chair
Instructor of Cell Biology and Physiology

Rosalyn Bradshaw-Robinson
Project Manager/Research Administrator
Manager of Meharry Summer Research Program
Office of Medical Student Research

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