Signature Initiatives

Our initiatives are targeted investments to support equity and inclusion through every part of the university.

The innovations of students, staff and scholars are what will transform our university — and our world — for the better. Our initiatives empower WashU community members to drive change.

Distinguished Visiting Scholars

The Distinguished Visiting Scholars program brings underrepresented scholars to campus, exposing us to new ideas and showing leaders in their fields what WashU is like.

Diversity and Inclusion Grants

Diversity and Inclusion Grants invested in faculty/staff ideas to enhance diversity and inclusion at WashU.

Ferguson Academic Seed Fund

The Ferguson Academic Seed Fund supported work that addresses the issues related to the development of sustainable urbanism in our communities.

Meharry Medical Scholars Program

The Meharry Medical Scholars program brings Meharry students to the School of Medicine to conduct research, connecting them with the pipeline for the school's residency programs.

PLAN (Professional Leadership Academy & Network)

PLAN supports the development of our staff and empowers them for leadership.

Signature Scholarships

Our signature scholarships provide financial support for students.

STEM Pipeline Consortium (WUDPC-STEM)

WUDPC-STEM encourages diversity in higher education and research.

Our students will be global leaders and will blaze new trails worldwide. Our faculty is a global faculty, and our backgrounds inform the research and scholarship that takes place here. Excellence flows from full inclusion, and we are committed to making this university excellent in every way.
Adrienne Davis

Adrienne Davis

Former Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity

Bettina Drake

“Having dedicated time to think through, and a cohort of colleagues to hone my short- and long-term goals, helped prepare me for this role at Siteman where I serve as an intermediary between Siteman investigators and the community members it serves.”

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