The Office of Student Success supports a diverse and equitable WashU experience.

We are committed to supporting students from all backgrounds, recognizing that the whole community benefits from diversity in all forms. Our new Office of Student Success helps students maximize their potential at WashU through initiatives such as Deneb STARS.

Deneb STARS (Sustaining Talented Academically Recognized Students)


Named for the furthest star that can be seen with the unaided eye, Deneb STARS is a by-invitation program that provides students with support for their four years at WashU. Deneb forms a learning community for low-income and first generation students. The program also develops students as leaders both within and beyond the Deneb community.

Deneb STARS have access to:

  • Individualized academic and peer mentoring
  • Leadership coaching and personal development opportunities
  • Monthly engagements with university leaders
  • A community of peers

For more information on Deneb STARS and other initiatives in development, contact Scott Jacobs,  Coordinator for Student Success Projects, 314-935-8380.

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