We are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment for all members of the Washington University community. Our policies support and protect diversity and inclusion at the university.

General Anti-Discrimination Policies

The following policies apply to students, faculty and staff.

Abusive Conduct Policy

Washington University is committed to having a positive learning and working environment for its students, faculty and staff. All individuals have the right to enjoy an environment free from all forms of conduct that can be considered harassing, threatening or intimidating.

Student Policies

Olin Business School

School of Engineering & Applied Science (undergraduate)

Faculty Policies

Staff Policies

Learn more about reporting discrimination on the Human Resources website.

Employees of Washington University Basic Services Contractors with concerns about the workplace environment should contact their employer, their employer’s grievance hotline, or the WU Basic Services Contractors grievance hotline: 314-821-0175 or 877-821-0175.