Our Office of Human Resources supports the diversity of the staff community by focusing on people, the workplace and external partners.

“Diversity and inclusion are among the most important focus areas for Washington University. We need to take this issue seriously and make real progress. Human Resources is well-positioned and intent on building a diverse and inclusive culture and workforce. Employees, students, patients and those in our university community are counting on us.”

Legail Chandler, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Assessing the Workplace Climate

The Office of Human Resources conducted an anonymous Diversity Engagement Survey focused on the workplace environment on all campuses.

Staff Hiring Guide & Toolkit

To support and assist managers in their outreach to and cultivation of a strong and diverse workforce, the Office of Human Resources offers a Manager Quick Guide and a Hiring Manager Toolkit.

Contact Denise DeCou for more information.
Denise DeCou

Learning Together

A robust training program offered by the Office of Human Resources provides four levels of training to all employees.

Additional Programs and Tools

HR Diversity Leadership

Contact Denise DeCou for employee training on the Danforth Campus.
Denise M. DeCou
Director, Diversity and Inclusion/Continuing Development and Program Delivery

Complete the request form for employee training at the Medical Center.

Contact Rachelle Smith for assistance at the Medical Center.
Rachelle D. Smith, PhD, LPC
Diversity & Inclusion Leader

Contact Ivory Woodhouse for assistance with career development at the Medical Center.
Ivory Woodhouse, PHR, GCDF
Career Development Specialist at the School of Medicine

Contact Denise DeCou for help with hiring on the Danforth Campus.
Denise DeCou
Community and Diversity Outreach Manager on the Danforth Campus