We aim to make our community as inclusive and welcoming and possible for everyone, including our faculty and staff.

Our efforts to support diversity and inclusion include a suite of benefits to support diverse family structures. We actively support employees with children and nontraditional dependents, nontraditional families and transgender employees. Our benefits are also designed to support work/life balance and career flexibility for university faculty, staff, clinical fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and full-time graduate and professional school students.

Caring for Dependents

Certificates are presented to “graduates” of the WU Family Learning Center as they leave preschool and prepare to enroll in kindergarten in the fall.

Our resources include a suite of benefits to support employees with dependents, including children as well as adult dependents.

The university offers on-site child care (North Campus) through the Family Learning Center (sign up early!). The university also offers competitively priced, in-home or Center-based emergency back-up care for all dependents.

The university has many conveniently located infant nursing rooms/lactation rooms on both of its campuses.

Washington University School of Medicine is a pioneer in breast-feeding initiatives.

Family and Parental Leave

Our family leave resources are designed to meet employees’ needs to take time away from work to care for important family and medical needs.  These include:

Danforth Campus Parental Leave for All Full-Time Faculty
School of Medicine Faculty Time-Off Policies

Danforth Campus Parking, Parental Leave, and Pregnancy

Faculty and staff who need to place a parking permit on hold due to medical reasons, a parental leave, or an academic sabbatical/approved leave are able to do so in 90-day increments, with the option to renew the hold for up to 180 days.  To request a permit hold, print and fill out the Permit Hold Request Form (PDF) and take it, along with your parking permit, to the Parking and Transportation Services office at North Campus.  (This is not available to those with a Bearly Drivers Carpool permit.) For further information visit the Parking and Transportation Services website, or contact the Parking and Transportation Services office at 314-935-5601.

Danforth Campus offers faculty and staff members temporary accessible parking following written verification from one’s personal physician.  This includes pregnant employees who experience medical complications requiring accessible parking.  The duration is for six weeks and may be renewed for up to six weeks.  For further information visit the Accessible Parking webpage, or contact Human Resources at 314-935-5990 or the Parking and Transportation Services office at 314-935-5601.

Tuition Assistance

Bon Appetit employee Angela Carter

Bon Appetit employee Angela Carter enrolled in University College through the Washington University Contract Employee Scholarship program.

The university provides faculty and staff members and their families with many forms of tax-free tuition assistance to foster their continuing education.

Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Benefits and Resources

Washington University provides several resources and benefits to support transgender members of our community. These include benefits coverage for Gender Reassignment Surgery; Gender Inclusive Bathrooms (PDF) across the campus; and a Preferred Names policy that allows employees to select which first name they will be known by for most campus communication, including the campus directory and email.

Domestic Partner Benefits

With regard to benefits and taxation of those benefits, Washington University ensures that all legally married couples are treated the same. Washington University also extends benefits to domestic partners; please contact Jennifer Gang, Human Resources, with questions about taxation of domestic partner benefits or other questions about benefits for married couples.

LGBT Advisory Committee

Students and staff at Pridefest St. Louis Parade

Undergraduate and graduate students from Washington University joined WashU staff for the Pridefest St. Louis Parade in downtown St. Louis.

The Office of the Provost convenes an advisory committee that makes regular recommendations on how to improve the campus climate for our LGBT community members. Students, alumni, staff and faculty serve on the advisory committee.

Employer Assisted Housing Program

Our Employer Assisted Housing program offers a five-year loan that is completely forgiven after the fifth year. These funds can be used for closing costs or down payment assistance toward the purchase of a new home in one of the qualifying neighborhoods.

Employee Assistance Program

Through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Washington University provides confidential, professional assistance to benefits-eligible university employees and their family members to help resolve problems that are affecting their personal life or job performance.

Gender Pay Equity

Gender pay equity has been a top institutional priority since 2007. The provost works closely with the Washington University Faculty Senate Council and the deans of all university schools to address the gender gap in compensation. Their efforts include periodic reports on gender pay equity, which can be viewed from the Office of the Provost website.  For questions or concerns regarding gender pay equity contact Provost Beverly Wendland or Professor Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Chair, Faculty Senate Council Gender Pay Equity Committee.

Medical Campus Career Flexibility Supports

Supported by a Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant, the university’s Medical Campus offers many resources to support work/life balance and enhance career flexibility for its faculty.

Additional Resources

Washington University offers a variety of additional resources to support an inclusive community for our faculty and staff, including Ombuds for Danforth Campus facultyMedical Campus faculty, and all staff, postdocs, and graduate students; a preferred name policygender-inclusive restrooms; and a contract employee scholarship program. There are also myriad ways to get involved through affinity, cultural and advocacy groups that are open to all members of our campus community. Through the Offices of the Provost and Human Resources, the university also offers many leadership development opportunities for faculty and staff.

See additional benefits information on the Human Resources website.