Our Office mission is to build an inclusive, dynamic campus community that inspires innovation, leadership and academic excellence through equity and social justice.

The Office of the Vice Provost Faculty Affairs and Diversity focuses primarily on faculty diversity and development, consulting and collaborating with Washington University’s schools on their diversity and inclusion goals. Developing the academic pipeline, with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is an important part of our efforts. We also work closely with other stakeholders at the university, including The Teaching Center, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Public Affairs, Facilities, University Advancement, and Information Services and Technology on a wide range of institutional initiatives and programs designed to support the university’s diversity values. We also partner closely with the university’s affinity and advocacy groups, including the Academic Women’s Network, Association of Women Faculty, BRIDGE, the Diversity & Inclusion Forum for Faculty & Staff (DIFFS), Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Committee, and Trailblazers. Signature office initiatives and programs include:

Faculty Recruitment & Development

Our Office works closely with the university’s deans, department chairs and hiring chairs to recruit, retain and develop a faculty that is both excellent and diverse. We offer annual search workshop training for hiring chairs and real time recruitment support. We work closely with all of our faculty to ensure they have the academic and professional support they need to be world-renowned researchers, scholars and teachers.

National Center for Faculty for Development & Diversity (NCFDD)

On July 1st, 2020, Washington University became an Institutional Member of NCFDD, an independent organization that is nationally recognized for its provision of online research productivity, academic mentoring, and career development resources. Through our Institutional Membership, all Washington University faculty, graduate students, post-docs, and trainees can enroll in a free, Individual Membership. You can learn about the NCFDD resources and enroll in your free individual membership here.

Leadership Development

Our Office offers a suite of initiatives and ad hoc programming designed to develop the next generation of academic leaders.

We also convene an informal faculty leadership seminar in conjunction with the provost and offer our minority faculty the opportunity to build professional community together.

Pipeline Programs

Academic pipeline programs are a critical part of our blueprint for diversity. Under the leadership of Assistant Provost Rochelle Smith, our Office partners with our academic units to convene a suite of pipeline programs that are reshaping the next generation of academics and researchers.

“We face complex and challenging issues in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Equally challenging are the disparities that exist among those who seek careers in STEM. Washington University is committed to providing current and future generations of scientists, especially women, minorities and others underrepresented in STEM with opportunities to advance their careers through pipeline programs and a supportive campus community.”

Assistant Provost Rochelle Smith

Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program

The Distinguished Visiting Scholar program brings to Washington University underrepresented minorities who have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators in the academy, in business or in fields of endeavor. Identified and invited by our academic units, these scholars participate in the intellectual life of the campus by interacting with faculty and graduate students, leading workshops, delivering public lectures, visiting classes and teaching seminars. Funding for the Distinguished Visiting Scholar program is provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity.

See also the Women in Underrepresented Fields pilot program.

Chancellor’s Graduate Fellows Alumni Initiative

Our Office has partnered with the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program in The Graduate School to create the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellows Alumni Initiative. This program provides support funding to invite Chancellor’s Fellows alumni back to Washington University to share their current research with our academic departments and schools, and also to provide professional development advice to current Chancellor’s Fellows.

Commission on Diversity & Inclusion

Vice Provost Adrienne Davis chaired and Cecilia Hanan Reyes acted as administrative lead to the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion, which was charged with implementing a two-year, 12-point action plan designed to advance the university’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Advisory Groups

Our Office convenes several university advisory groups that are actively generating and assessing best practices for our community.


Our Office oversees university grant programs designed to support research and teaching that addresses the complex spectrum of work on diversity, disparities and identity.

See additional grant programs that are available.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity is located on the Danforth Campus in Seigle Hall, 3rd floor, Suite 302

Telephone: 314-935-6685
Fax: 314-935-5356


Mailing Address: Professor Adrienne Davis, Vice Provost
Campus Box 1233, One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO  63130


Adrienne D. Davis, JD

Adrienne Davis

Vice Provost

Davis holds a dual appointment as Vice Provost and the William M. Van Cleve Professor in the Washington University School of Law. She heads the Faculty Affairs and Diversity unit within the Office of the Provost which is charged with working on faculty development, diversity and other university-wide initiatives. Her administrative portfolio includes consulting with each of the seven schools to enhance faculty recruitment, retention, diversity and development. She also coordinates a suite of initiatives from the Office of the Provost to enhance faculty diversity and development, including mentoring, postdoctoral fellowships, and training for department chairs and program directors.

In the law school, Vice Provost Davis teaches Trusts & Estates, Contracts and a variety of legal theory seminars. She is the the founder and co-director of the Law, Identity & Culture Initiative (LIC). In addition to her primary appointment in the law school, the vice provost holds courtesy appointments in the Department of History and the African and African American Studies program in Arts & Sciences and is affiliate faculty and a member of the Executive Committee of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program.

View Adrienne Davis’s profile on the Washington University School of Law website.

Tonya Edmond

Tonya Edmond

Tonya Edmond

Faculty Fellow

Tonya Edmond is a Professor in the Brown School and Faculty Fellow in the Office of the Provost. As a Fellow she works closely with the provost and Vice Provost Adrienne Davis to develop a suite of programs to enhance women faculty leadership and mentoring. Tonya’s research and teaching focuses on violence against women and children, with a specific interest in testing the effectiveness of interventions for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. She has authored or co-authored 30 articles and book chapters. She has been advancing the importance of evidence based practice in the field of social work through presentations, publications and her leadership in the development of a model comprehensive evidence based curriculum. She is a former President of the Association of Women Faculty and currently serves as the Cluster Co-Chair on Violence Against Women for the Society for Social Work & Research. From 2006-2011 Tonya was the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Brown School.

Amy Eyler

Amy Eyler

Faculty Fellow for Gender Equity

Amy Eyler is an associate professor in the Brown School and a Faculty Fellow for Gender Equity in the Office of the Provost. As a Faculty Fellow for Gender Equity, Amy uses her background in research and evaluation to assess relevant gender equity issues and identify needs and gaps in areas of Professional Development, Mentoring, and Culture & Climate at the university. Amy works her colleague and Fellow partner Professor Stephanie Kirk, and Vice Provost Adrienne Davis to recommend and implement strategies for improvement.

Cecilia Hanan Reyes

Cecilia Hanan Reyes

Cecilia Hanan Reyes

Program Coordinator – Faculty Affairs and Diversity Initiatives

Cecilia Hanan Reyes serves as the program coordinator in the office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity. She oversees a variety of faculty development programs, including the Underrepresented Faculty of Color Development Seminar and the Women Faculty Leadership Institute. Cecilia also leads other initiatives such as the Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program and ad-hoc professional development workshops and seminars. She is the institutional liaison with Interfolio and the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

Diana José-Edwards

Diana José-Edwards

Interim Director for STEM Diversity Initiatives

As Interim Director for STEM Diversity Initiatives, Diana José-Edwards manages several activities, partnerships, and programs dedicated to increasing the participation of students from diverse backgrounds in STEM doctoral programs and careers. These include the Joint Post-baccalaureate Program (JPP) in Mathematics, Physics and Earth and Planetary Sciences, a program that prepares individuals with bachelor’s degrees in these fields to make the transition to graduate school.

She is also the University’s liaison to the national STEM diversity organizations, The Math Alliance and the Black National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers.  She also is part of the core leadership team developing the University’s HHMI Driving Change grant proposal; serves in an advisory capacity to the University’s existing HHMI Inclusive Excellence grant; and sits on the University’s Standing Committee for Facilitating Inclusive Classrooms.  Diana brings her knowledge designing, executing, and assessing comprehensive research education programs as Co-Principal Investigator of WUSTL ENDURE, a program that encourages and trains undergraduates from diverse backgrounds to enter neuroscience PhD programs. A biologist by training, she earned a PhD in Developmental Biology from Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Through her various roles at WUSTL, Diana also works to foster a more inclusive STEM community and develop evidence-based best practices for supporting and mentoring underrepresented students in these fields.

Stephanie Kirk

Stephanie Kirk

Faculty Fellow for Gender Equity

Stephanie Kirk is an Associate Professor of Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Washington University’s College of Arts & Sciences. As a Faculty Fellow for Gender Equity Initiatives she is working on a series  of projects designed to promote the advancement of women faculty on the Danforth Campus. Key issues in this regard include examining best practices for hiring and retaining women and working toward gender pay equity. Stephanie works closely with her co-fellow for gender equity, professor Amy Eyler, in improving gender climate and campus culture for female faculty and working on building community through mentoring programs and other initiatives.

David Patterson Silver Wolf

Faculty Fellow

David Patterson Silver Wolf is an associate professor at the Brown School.  His primary duties as a Fellow involve working closely with the Provost and Vice Provost Adrienne Davis to create a mentoring seminar for recently tenured underrepresented minority faculty. Dr. Patterson Silver Wolf will also work with the office of admissions to enhance the university’s recruitment of underrepresented students.  He is the Director of Research with the Buder Center studying American Indian/Alaska Native health and wellness as well as investigates best ways to increase underrepresented minority student’s college retention rates.

Milli Boker

Milli Boker

Lead Intern – Web & Special Projects

Milli Boker served as the office’s summer intern for three years prior to joining the unit as the Lead Intern – Web & Special Projects, for the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Institutional Diversity. She is an undergraduate student in the School of Arts & Sciences. Milli is responsible for the updating and maintenance of the diversity event calendar as well as the posts and announcements features on the Diversity website. Milli also assists in supporting special events hosted by the department.

Daniil Gerasimov

Daniil Gerasimov

Graphic and Web Design Intern

Daniil is an undergraduate student at the Sam Fox College of Art majoring in Communication Design. As a Graphic and Web Design intern he creates graphics, posters, flyers, and other visual communication items, while also working on website maintenance for the Office of the Vice Provost.

Hailey Russell

Hailey Russel

Research and Office Intern.

Hailey is a Research and Office Intern. She researches material, performs various tasks, and aids in small projects for Vice Provost Adrienne Davis and Program Coordinator Cecilia Hanan Reyes. She assists in the set-up and break-down of events that are held by the office.