Member-at-large Council participation is an open call for faculty, staff, and students.

Criteria that will be considered, alongside the diversity of the Council as a whole, are:

  • the capacity to dedicate approximately 6-10 hours a month to council meetings and working groups;
  • interest in working with colleagues across the university in the areas of: council structure-building, measurement, or reporting;
  • understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion as separate but complementary ideals;
  • understanding of inherent organizational hierarchies, resource flows, and the relationship between those elements as they pertain to cultural shifts and policy change;
  • orientation towards collaborative action (strengths-based problem solving approach, works well in teams);
  • strong relationships within their department, school, and ideally across the university;
  • experience in DEI or other change initiatives at WashU or another university;
  • a track record for effective strategic planning and action, even in the absence of complete information.

When – Key Dates & Deadlines

August 14Application / Nomination form posted online with Council announcement
August 28Application form closes at midnight
August 28 – September 9Applications review process
September 10 – 18Appointees selection/acceptance process

How to Nominate

Not right for you, but know someone who would be a valuable asset to the Council?

Please fill out this digital nomination form, providing:

  • Your Name, Email Address, & Role in the University
  • Nominee’s Name, Email Address, Phone Number, & Role in the University
  • Recommendation for which working group they would be best suited to contribute to: First Steps, Council Structure, Accountability and Measurement, or Reporting
  • A brief statement (150 or fewer words) about why you think they should answer the call

How to Apply

We want to hear about who you are, how you think, and what you’ll bring to the Council.
Please bring the full force of your personality, principles, and vision into your application statements.

To apply, please fill out this digital application form. It will ask for some identifying information, and for you to write brief statements (250 or fewer words) in response to each of the following prompts:

  • We aim to set a robust pace that balances the urgency of this work with the time it takes to do things right and well. We anticipate your participation in the Council will require approximately 6 to 10 hours per month in working groups and full-Council meetings.
  • Please affirm in a sentence or two that you have the capacity to dedicate this time and how your preference for a working group fits into your other responsibilities.
  • Describe how you understand diversity, equity, and inclusion as independent yet complementary ideas.
  • Describe your unique qualifications, as related to the call for WUEIC members at large, and why they motivate you to serve on the council.
  • Briefly describe a time when you took calculated action towards a goal, even though you didn’t have all the information you felt you needed. What was at stake? What was your strategy? What were the outcomes?
  • If you could make one policy change related to equity & inclusion at WashU, what would it be?
  • Regarding equity initiatives at WashU, what do you consider the most: significant barrier to success? supportive resource for the work?