Washington University is responding to this moment in history with seriousness and an understanding that its efforts in the past to achieve equity have fallen short. As Chancellor Andrew Martin said in his inaugural address, “We know full-well that diversity on paper is one thing, and equity and inclusion are another.”

In establishing the Equity and Inclusion Council, the university is committing to embed this work in the highest levels of the institution, to ensure that its efforts are not performative, but transformative.

The Washington University Equity and Inclusion Council (WUEIC) has been created in order to:

  • Build capacity for equity work across and throughout the university
  • Share information and updates across university silos
  • Fundamentally shift the systems and structures of the university toward equity

The WUEIC is made up of a combination of role-based, appointed, and open call members who may be Washington University students, faculty or staff.

Throughout the year, university units may ask the Council or its Committees for feedback, review, or recommendations on specific plans, programs, policies or initiatives. WUEIC also has $500,000 in funds to be used to seed, leverage, or expand activities with systemic impact. Examples might include grants for innovative approaches within departments working on more equitable outcomes, investments to support staff/faculty/student participation in institutional opportunities or policies, etc.