Following a semester of campus activism and dialogue, in February 2015 Chancellor Mark Wrighton and Provost Holden Thorp convened a Steering Committee for Diversity & Inclusion to create a university-wide plan for diversity.

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This report defines a two-year, 12-point action plan that includes the establishment of a Diversity Commission to implement the plan.

The Report of the Steering Committee for Diversity and Inclusion  defined a two-year, 12-point action plan that included the establishment of a Diversity Commission to implement the plan. In addition, the Commission is exploring ways to ensure the campus is a sex and gender equitable community and is also consulting with the university’s LGBT Advisory Committee.

The Commission is undertaking its charge through working groups concentrating on each of the Report’s action items. Since January 2016, six groups have been working, focusing on staff diversity, diversity training, university-wide engagement and dialogue, recognizing leadership and impact in achieving diversity, eliminating technological barriers to diversity and inclusion, and the recommendation to explore the possibility of a race and social justice institute. Three new working groups are beginning their work in January 2017, Faculty/Pipeline Diversity, Graduate Student Diversity, and Data.  Over the summer, several working groups held Coffee Hours in the Center for Diversity & Inclusion; these sessions were open to all members of our university community, to encourage community members to become more familiar with their work and engage in the process. Coffee Hours will continue this fall as the remaining working groups begin their work. Coffee Hours are announced in The Source. At any time, your input and questions are welcome via email to

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