Sparked by a semester of campus activism and dialogue and the recommendations of a steering committee, in February 2015 Chancellor Mark Wrighton and Provost Holden Thorp convened a Commission to create a university-wide plan for diversity.

Executive Summary Report from the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion - June 30, 2017

The executive summary of the report from the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion worked from August 2015  through October 2017. The Commission was composed of 27 members of the Washington University community, including faculty members, staff, and students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional students—from all campuses. To tackle the action items, we appointed 12 working groups and utilized the perspectives, experiences, and expertise of more than 230 faculty members, staff, and students. In addition, the Commission took on the task of making recommendations on: an institutional scorecard, a chief diversity officer, a centralized “Academy” to house training and other inclusion initiatives, sex and gender equity, tenure standards, Urban Fellows, publicity/communications strategy, and support for the university’s Supplier Diversity Initiative. We also solicited input from the university’s LGBT Advisory Committee.

The executive summary of the report from the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (PDF) and the individual reports represent the culmination of two years of deep engagement, focused strategizing, fact finding, bench marking, and listening to the voices of the Washington University community. The individual reports (PDF) are:
0. Introduction
1. Race and Ethnicity Center
2. Identifying Technology Barriers
3. Undergraduate Students
4. Graduate Students
5. Urban Fellows
6. Faculty
7. Tenure Standards
8. Gender Equity
9. Staff
10. Academy
11. Training
12. Honors and Recognition
13. Events
14. Supplier Diversity
15. Publicity/Communications Strategy
16. Strategic Planning
17. Data
18. Scorecard
19. Chief Diversity Officer

The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion was inspired by the recommendations of the Report of the Steering Committee for Diversity and Inclusion.

Commission Members