The LGBT Advisory Committee advises the provost on how to make Washington University fully inclusive and welcoming to LGBT students, staff, alumni and faculty.

The committee reviews university policies and procedures to ensure they reflect this goal and identify best practices also in pursuit of this goal. In addition to recommending new policies and practices, the committee also monitors the ongoing implementation of previous recommendations, policies and initiatives, e.g., SafeZones training, the preferred name policy, gender inclusive restrooms, etc., and make recommendations as needed. The committee meets quarterly with Associate Vice Chancellor for Students Emelyn dela Peña.

For FY 2016, the committee was tasked with:

  1. Recommending a preliminary policy for gender markers, pronouns and honorifics;
  2. Convene a group to continue work on bathroom policy to make recommendations by December 2015;
  3. Assess other policies to support transgender and gender nonconforming students;
  4. Continue to monitor implementation of SafeZones and other relevant policies, e.g., preferred names, facilitating inclusive classrooms, etc.;
  5. Appointing a subcommittee that, in conjunction with other university stakeholders, will focus on the Campus Pride Index (now an ongoing survey).

Current Members


Bravery, Responsibility, Inclusion, Dignity, Guidance, and Empowerment (BRIDGE) are the pillars/values for the LBGTQIA community engagement affinity group known commonly as BRIDGE.


Unite and strengthen the WUSTL LGBTQA community through participation on campus and greater St. Louis area programs and activities which will increase visibility and community support as well as provide opportunities for LGBTQA faculty and staff to meet each other.


  • Develop a positive and nurturing environment for LGBTQA faculty and staff to participate in programs and activities on and off campus
  • Increase engagement of LGBTQA faculty and staff with one another and students


  • WashU LGBTQA Resource Roster: Identify and develop roster of WashU LGBTQA community members willing to serve as a resource and be included on campus resource list for students, faculty and staff
  • Organize monthly lunches and/or happy hours for faculty and staff
  • St. Louis PRIDE, June 2016
  • Organize WashU participation in other civic groups such as PROMO and HRC

If you are interested in joining the BRIDGE, please contact Scott McIntosh.