The Conundrum of Gentrification: Five Questions for Historians

  • Thursday, April 5, 2018 • 12:00 pm
  • Danforth University Center, Room 234

Danforth University Center, Room 234
Thursday, April 5, 12 PM

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Gentrification is a conundrum. The word is one of the most controversial in American cities today. Newspaper articles and blog posts that decry or defend gentrifiers abound. Yet few agree on how to define the term, why it happens or whether it is boon or curse for cities. In recent years, gentrification has begun to receive more attention from urban historians. But to study the history of gentrification, urban historians will have to deal first with difficult questions about an increasingly contested and protean term.

Suleiman Osman is an Associate Professor of American Studies at the George Washington University. Professor Osman specializes in U.S. urban history, the built environment, U.S. cultural and social history, and the study of race and ethnicity, with a particular focus on the way urban space both shapes and is produced by culture and politics.

The City Seminar is a colloquium series that brings together scholars and urbanists from across the St. Louis region and US to share their disciplinary perspectives, ideas, research methods, theories and designs related to cities, urbanization and urban issues in the US and abroad. This talk is sponsored by the Divided City initiative.

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