Narrating the Eighteenth Century in Qing Kashgar

  • Friday, March 12, 2021 • 3:00 pm
  • Virtual Meeting on Zoom
David Brophy, senior lecturer in modern Chinese history, University of Sydney. David Brophy’s recently published translation, In Remembrance of the Saints, is a work of Chaghatay-language literature written in Kashgar in the 1780s, depicting the Islamic society of the Tarim Basin (today’s Xinjiang) on the eve of its incorporation into the Qing Empire. For an understanding of the Qing expansion from a local Muslim perspective, it stands out as a unique source. The text reflects a complicated, multisided contest for power in the region during the eighteenth century, and the lingering fallout of conflicts among religious elites that divided the oasis society. This talk will introduce the work from both historical and literary perspectives, and reflect on how it can contribute to our understanding of Qing rule in Islamic Central Asia.

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Supported by a gift from Leung Tung Peter & Lin Young.

Organized by East Asian Languages and Cultures and WUSTL China Forum.

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